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We at Tax One Centre provide the Best Tax Planning Services in Mississauga, with our dedicated set of professional expertise, we analyse your financial situation from a tax perspective to align your financial goals in the best tax-efficient manner. Right from planning the income and expenditure schedule, selection of investments and retirement plans up to filing status and common deductions, we take care of all your tax planning needs.

Some of the deductions/planning aspects in Tax Planning that may be helpful to you are:


  1. RRSP
    • How much to contribute, when to contribute, should I get a loan to subscribe for RRSP? Can I withdraw funds from RRSP and what are the consequences, Is a Spousal RRSP better alternative?
  2. Do I have defined benefit pension plan and if so how can I maximize my tax refunds?
  3. What are the deductions available to reduce the total income?
  4. Who should be claiming medical expenses?
  5. Do you, your spouse or your child has tuition payments for the year?
  6. Can I claim disability credit for myself or dependents?
  7. Can I claim care giver amount?
  8. What refundable tax credits are available?
  9. Are you claiming vehicle expenses with respect to use of your personal automobile for business purpose?
  10. Did you move to take up a new job, then how can I claim moving expenses?
  11. Do you rent part of your house and if so what are the deductions available?
  12. What Tax Planning can be done for self-employed individuals?
  13. What Tax Planning can be accomplished for Incorporated Small Businesses?
  14. When should I start claiming Canada Pension Plan (CPP)?
  15. When should I stop contributing to RRSP?

Annoyed about all these?? Don’t worry!! Accountant Mississauga – Tax One Centre will take care of all your accountancy needs…

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