The following are situations where you could save money. As a Tax Accountant you can contact us to determine if you benefit from the following situations.



  1. Where can I get affordable automobile insurance in Ontario
  2. Should you go collision coverage for your automobile insurance?
  3. Should you go for an auto claim for an accident?
  4. What should I do with traffic tickets?



  1. Do my banking products suitable for me?
  2. Can I get free personal banking?
  3. Can I get free small business banking?


Bankruptcy/Credit Proposal

  1. What is the difference between bankruptcy and credit proposal and does a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is best for you?


  1. How can I lower my monthly bills?



  1. Should you be paying insurance for the balance on your credit card?
  2. Which credit card is best for you?
  3. How can you lower the interest payment for my existing borrowings from various institutions?


Credit/Auto history

  1. How can I get a free credit file?
  2. How can I get a free auto history file?


  1. Should I open a RESP account for my child?
  2. Where should you open a RESP account?


  1. Do your investments fall into your risk-return profile expectations?
  2. How can I evaluate my fund performance in RRSP, RESP, TFSA and non-registered investments?
  3. Do you evaluate your investment performance yearly and does it meet your expectations?



  1. Do renting a house or owning a house better alternative?
  2. What are the 10 things to know before you purchase a house?
  3. Should you go for a variable or fixed mortgage?
  4. What is the vendor take back mortgage?
  5. Do you need to do a home inspection before you purchase a house?
  6. Should you own a hot water heater or rent it?
  7. Should you go for long term contracts for gas and electricity?
  8. Should you replace your existing furnace, air conditioner or water heater?
  9. What is an energy audit and will I benefit from it?
  10. Should I go for a newly built home or a re-sale home?
  11. How can I select a real estate professional and what I should know before I sign papers?
  12. Should you have a mortgage life insurance or a separate life insurance?




  1. What kind of life insurance product should I choose?
  2. Should I have critical insurance coverage and can I afford it?
  3. Should I have disability insurance coverage and can I afford it?



  1. I do not have much income, how can I get my prescription bills covered?
  2. I do not have dental coverage, how can I get affordable dental work done?



  1. Do buying a vehicle from US a better alternative?
  2. What I should know before I bring a vehicle from US?
  3. Should I buy a used vehicle or a new vehicle?
  4. Where can I get used vehicle information?
  5. Should I buy a used vehicle with the dealership or buy on my own?

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