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While one would not expect an audit for your income taxes, the most important aspect you can do is to have the documentation and back up kept ready, should such an event occur. At Tax One Centre – The Best Tax Accountant in Mississauga , we train you to improve the record keeping so that you are ready for an audit.


In case you receive an audit letter from CRA, these are the steps that you can follow?

1) Talk to your Tax Accountant

2) Set up a date and time with CRA

3) Get the back up data that supports the years in question

4) Try to assemble the records so that it is in order

5) Be prompt to reply to CRA inquiries

6) Meet CRA personnel and try to answer the inquiries (You can also bring your Tax Accountant to help you during the audit meeting with CRA)

Don’t Panic about Tax Audit… For any tax auditing service in Mississauga choose Tax One Centre and we will take care of all the issues about Tax Audit right from preparing the documents up to defending you in the Audit Meeting.

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